COVID-19 Response

After meeting with the board of directors earlier in the summer, and a regroup mid-summer, we regret to say that our 2020-2021 concert season is postponed indefinitely.  We, the board, will be meeting regularly to reassess the situation with respect to the ongoing pandemic, and determine when - or even if - we will be able to resume meeting in-person.  We face numerous challenges to restarting any semblance of "normal" operations, and the health and wellbeing of our members and audience are paramount.  We are looking into "virtual concerts", as many other musical groups have done, as well as the potential for recordings of smaller ensembles of players who have been isolating and feel safe meeting together.  Because any of this requires additional coordination, planning, and specialized expertise to execute well, there will be challenges to overcome.

We miss being able to play for you, our audience, and meet with one another to share the joys of music.  We look forward to being able to perform for you again sometime soon!

Please be safe,

River Winds Concert Band Board of Directors
Ken Adamson, President
Rachel Johnson, Vice President
CJ Collier, Secretary
Rob Rydberg, Treasurer
John Werth, Musical Director