River Winds Flute Choir


The River Winds Flute Choir started as the flute section in the River Winds Band, and since 2016 has expanded to include other members and has operated independently of the flute section.  Members of the choir are drawn by invitation from the local flute community, and currently include flute teachers and semi-professional players, as well as a wide cross-section of other occupations: counselors, programmers, lawyers, teachers, nurses, and even a retired school bus driver. 

The River Winds Flute Choir includes a wide range of flutes:

The River Winds Flute Choir ocassionally has other instruments from outside the flute family, such as percussion or bassoon, join the choir on specific pieces. 

The River Winds Flute Choir often plays in concerts of the River Winds Band, and generally plays once a quarter at a retirement home. The repertoire of the River Winds Flute Choir ranges from arrangements of orchestral pieces to Celtic tunes, show tunes, folk music, and even American Indian-inspired pieces. The choir has summer reading sessions and has sponsored a low flutes workshop as a means of giving back to the local flute community.  

The River Winds Flute Choir rehearses Saturday mornings, and is conducted by Doug Gallatin.

River Winds Flute Choir Members

Anita Wong 


Doug Gallatin 


Katie Bristow Myers 
Rebecca Grollman 


Alex Ayala 
Katie Bristow Myers 
Deborah Chapnick 
Cindy Dobrow 
Rebecca Grollman 
Anne Marlantes 
Shannon Nelson 
Janet Roberts 

Alto Flute

Deborah Chapnick 
Janet Roberts 
Deb Suther 

Bass Flute

Deb Suther 
Martha Wenger 

Contr'Alto Flute

Lisa Hedley 

Contrabass Flute

Margaret Dunn 

Contact Us

If you are interested either in having the River Winds Flute Choir perform or in joining the River Winds Flute Choir, contact Katie Bristow Myers by email at katiemyers@outlook.com (please note the spelling of the last name).